Summer means all kinds of cute bags, am I right? One item I am into lately are purses. I am loving how a rattan bag can elevate an outfit.

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Rattan Bag

Why a Rattan Bag?

So, I have been trying to be creative with my outfits lately since it’s summer. For example, I am avoiding throwing on the same items over and over again. Additionally, I do not want to be shopping all the time. It’s easy to get in a bit of a rut since it is so hot. However, summer accessories like this rattan bag add instant visual interest and variety to an outfit.

Rattan Bag

I’m drawn to bags in unique shapes to add something different to my outfit.

For instance, I added this bag to my thrifted dress with a shirt tied at the waist. You may remember this dress from a previous post here. Now, get used to seeing this Amerii bag since I will probably have it on repeat! You can get this bag here:
Rattan Bag

What to Look For In a Rattan Bag

Here is what I like about this Amerii bag and what I look for when shopping for a rattan bag:

1. Unique Shape & Design

Rattan Bag

First, I’m drawn to bags in unique shapes to add something different to an outfit. This circle shape bag is a departure from the usual boxier style bags. Also, it plays off of the polka dot print of my dress. Similarly, this bag also brings some texture to my outfit.

2. The Right Size

Rattan Bag

Next, I consider the size when buying a rattan bag. Moreover, I like my bag to be big enough to make a statement without overwhelming my outfit. In my opinion, it is about finding that right balance. This bag does just that!

3. Functional

Rattan Bag

Finally, what’s the point of a bag if you can’t even use it? I opt for bags that can actually carry items. In case you were wondering, I got my essentials in this rattan bag.

Rattan Bag


Here is a video with this Amerii bag.

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

This post was sponsored by Amerii.

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