Floral prints are usually associated with Spring. Although we got a few weeks until Spring, there are ways to wear floral prints in the Winter. You just need to make a few tweaks to wear these colorful prints now.

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Your floral prints may not be bright, but they will probably give you an extra burst of color.

First, let’s talk about Winter and what we tend to do. Winter means lots of cozy scarfs, staying inside, and coffee. But it can also affect our mood. I tend to wear more black and neutrals in the Winter. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, it has been said that color can influence your mood.

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Wearing Color and Your Mood

For example, a piece in Everyday Health listed wearing bright colors as one of the ten ways to boost your mood. Your floral prints may not be bright, but they will probably give you an extra burst of color.

Wearing _Florals
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The objective is to wear these prints in a different ways instead of waiting for Spring.

Winter Color Patterns

As I mentioned in other posts, having an archive of my outfits is one of the benefits of blogging.  About two years ago I noticed that my Fall and Winter style was considerably less colorful. I was reserving my floral prints just for Spring and Summer. I started to notice this last year and wrote a post about it here . So, I decided to change that and incorporate even more colorful prints all year.

The objective is to wear these prints in a different ways instead of waiting for Spring. This not only boosts your mood, but it adds versatility to these pieces.

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Tips for Working in Florals During Winter

1. Floral Prints in Darker Colors.

First, look for prints that incorporate some darker colors. That way, you can layer with other items that are in season. For instance, go with floral prints that have some black or blue in them. That makes it easier to pair them up with neutral pieces that you have in your winter wardrobe.

2. Anchor floral prints with basics.

Along with wearing darker floral prints, think about anchoring these prints with other pieces with basic prints. I have been doing this with my black turtleneck. I just wear it under my dresses! It is that same turtleneck from a previous post . Adding some tights keeps you warm while anchoring your outfit. Also, a striped black top works. That gives you a little print mixing.

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3. Layer up.

Next, consider layering a floral dress with a blazer, denim jacket or a leather jacket.  Jackets provide structure and contrast to these flowy prints. Another way to layer that I am into this year is with chunky sweaters. For instance, I throw a chunky sweater over a floral dress and add a belt. I use a belt to do a half tuck in the front. I love this look! You can do this with a floral skirt as well. It keeps the outfit interesting and can add texture to a look.

4. Floral accessories count too.

Lastly, you can add heels, a scarf, or a purse with a floral print. For example, a heel with a floral print with jeans can add some color. I think that this is a fun way to add a pop of color to your Winter outfit. Likewise, you can probably find some of these accessories on a budget.

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Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!  -Vivian

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