Wearing a Trench Coat as a Dress

There are some pieces that you can wear year after year. A trench coat is one of those pieces. It’s a classic. I wanted to switch things up a bit so I took this classic piece and changed it up. I decided to wear it as a dress.


I’m always looking for items that can do double duty. Items that can be worn in different ways. This trench coat gave me the opportunity to do just that!


A trench coat is one of those pieces. It’s a classic.

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I own a range of trench coats. You can see previous posts like The Trench Coat You Need , The Little Red Dress and A Linen Trench Coat and a Midi Dress.


Besides the ability to be worn as a dress, the color makes this tench stand out. I am loving it! The deep olive color is perfect for fall.


Who_What_Wear_Trench_CoatLikewise, I like that the sleeves are blousy and the fabric is flowy. The simple cut without buttons and snaps makes it easy to wear as a dress.


Who What Wear Trench Coat Here , Plus|| DSW Nude Heels  Similar || Michael Kors Purse Similar   ||


Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!



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