Three Ways to Style a Tank Top Dress

I am all about items that can be worn in different ways. Finding items that match your lifestyle, right? A tank top dress is one of those items.

This post was originally published in May 2018 and updated July 2019.

Tank Top Dress

A tank dress can be worn throughout most of the seasons if the fit is right. This is a great basic piece. It just requires a little tweaking with respect to how you style it.

What is it about a Tank Top Dress?

Tank Top Dress

What’s great about a tank top dress is how easy it is to style. Most of the styling tricks that you employ for your tank tops apply! In fact, most of the ways I style my tank top dresses were inspired by how I style a tank top.

“…something about these currently trending tanks just feels so much fresher than a T-shirt, though they still lend themselves to that effortless and classic look we all love.”

Source: Who What Wear

Ways to Style a Tank Top Dress

Tank Top Dress

Alright, I gathered up some of the ways I style a tank top dress. I published the original post over a year ago. Here I am wearing a couple other tank top dresses. So, I figured I should do a refresher on it!

Tank Top Dress

Tank Top Dress on its Own

Okay, I know that some of us gals with curves can get a little self-conscious about our arms. For me, I got over this since life is too short! And, if it’s not one thing we are dissatisfied with ourselves, it’s another.

Tank Top Dress

Wearing a tank top dress alone is one of the most practical ways to wear this style of dress. Especially when it is hot out. Adding other items brings some visual interest. For example, a rattan purse adds some texture while a yellow mule heel adds some color. Similarly, I might add a necklace if I am feeling like I look too bare.

Tank Top Dress

With a Denim Jacket

Tank Top Dress

Next, pair it with a denim jacket. Remember when I talked about different ways to wear a denim jacket? One of those ways is throwing it over the shoulders. Draping your jacket over your shoulders will give you arm coverage (if you are wanting that to feel comfortable or just for the look). Additionally, it adds something different to your look.

With a Scarf

I love a little scarf to complete a look! This was an outfit I wore last year. It adds some color and little bit of chic to a tank top dress. You can check out how I wore one in a previous post. I opt for those little neckerchief style scarves. I usually find some interesting and inexpensive ones at H&M, Target, and TJ Maxx. This one here is an oldie from H&M.

With a Blazer

Okay, this last way is a no-brainer. This is another outfit from last year. linked a similar blazer below. I have been able to wear my tank top dresses to work by tossing on a blazer. However, make sure that the dress isn’t too low cut. Also, be sure that the fabric is a bit thicker. That will give it a bit more of a professional feel to it.

Tank top dress

The Details

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