Floral Wrap Dress and Heels

Ok, I see that some Spring stuff is already popping up in the stores and I’m so into it. I’m even more into it if it’s a wrap dress!

And that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post!


Target Who What Wear just came out with some spring items. Had to snatch this dress up because I loved the bold floral pattern!


So, let’s talk about wrap dresses for a minute. I love how wrap dresses look. But…it’s hard to find a wrap dress that’s not opening up in the front. The dress can end up being too revealing. I end up messing with the dress all day so it won’t open up.


This dress solves that problem with smart little snaps in different spots. That way I’m not obsessing about my dress opening up.


The snaps keep the dress in place and helps keep its structure. It also stops the waist being up too high.


I’m wearing an XL and you can get it here. I paired it with some red heels. Mine are sold out but you can get a similar pair here. For more posts that have wrap dresses click here, here,  and  here.

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!



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