Why I Blog

It’s been about a year since I started Mix It Up With Curves!

Some folks ask me why I started blogging. A few think it’s great. Others don’t know what blogging is and honestly don’t care. Anyway, it’s been fun and here are my reasons why I do it.

And that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post.

My sister and I went to brunch to celebrate my one year blog anniversary. My best friend and one of my biggest supporters!

  • A creative outlet– Although we are just talking about clothes, this is a creative outlet for me. I love how blogging is so different than everything else in my life. I get to pair up different colors and pieces. I can do it on my own schedule as well.

A few of my first blog posts from fall 2016.

  • Try new things – Blogging has encouraged me to live with more intention. Most of my pictures are while I’m out and about. So, that’s resulted in me going to new spots and events. I just went to BeautyCon Los Angeles for the first time!

At BeautyCon, August 2017!

  • Part of a community– There is huge community of bloggers out there! I’m a pretty social person but found that with all of my responsibilities, my social life was limited. Blogging has been a fun way to engage with other like minded women!

I have been able to meet other bloggers on Instagram that love the same brands I do such as Who What Wear.

  • Engaging with my favorite brands- Also, I have been able to engage with my favorite brands like Target, Old Navy, and Who What Wear. I have been featured on their social media channels too! Can’t beat that!

A post on Instagram that made it to Target’s #TargetFinds website.

  • Being authentic – Although some try, it’s hard to be something you are not while blogging. I feel like blogging has helped me stay real, stay authentic. I really do believe getting dressed and living life should feel good. So I make sure my posts reflect that.

A post on Instagram and Facebook regarding being anxious about going back to graduate school to get my doctorate.

I’m planning a post on how I fit blogging into my life!

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!



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