Sweatshirt and a Floral Necklace 

I like wearing things in an unexpected way. Because, why not? I paired this comfy (almost feel like pjs) Sweatshirt with a Floral Necklace this time.

And, that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post.

Old Navy has some cute Sweatshirts that have the perfect fit. They don’t look like you are swimming in something oversized. So I snatched a few of these up while I could. Wearing a size Large and this is $19.00.

I matched it up with my J.Crew Necklace. This was a gift from a friend. She knows me well!

I threw on my Old Navy Rockstar Jeans. Can’t say enough about these jeans! Super comfy. I’m wearing a size 16. These now sell for $27.

I think I got one more of these oh-so-comfy-sweatshirts. Inspiration for another post!

Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


Shop the Mix

Click the Images for the Links 

Old Navy Sweatshirt (Similar)

J.Crew Factory Necklace (Similar)

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans

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