Mix Picks for Spring at Target

The first day of Spring is March 20th!  So this a good time to scoop up some dresses, skirts, and other fun stuff at Target.

I focus my shopping by sticking to pieces that are:

  1. Versatile- I can wear them in at least a couple of ways with a belt, cardi, blazer, scarf, or a statement necklace.
  2. Within my current closet Color Palette- That means they will match the colors I wear most.
  3. Different than what I already own– I may love a dress but if it is too similar to a dress I own, I skip it. If the dress fits me better than what I already own, I go for it.
  4. High Quality, Flattering Fit & Style- I still consider the quality of fabric, fit, and style. Clothes need to look good on me not just on the hanger. I don’t do trends unless I absolutely love the way it looks on me.


Let’s get to it…Here are some of my picks, all under $30:

Mix Picks

Broadcloth Skirt – Who What Wear here $27.99

I can’t wait to wear this one! I will pair this with a tee & cardi.

Ponte Sheath Dress – Merona here $29.99

I always pick up a new sheath when I see a bright color!

Lace Mix Slip – Who What Wear here $29.99

This is another one I can’t wait to wear! Pairing it with a denim jacket.

Utility Vest Xavier Navy – Merona here $29.99

These vests can go with dresses, tees & shorts, and skirts.

Striped Button Shoulder Dress – Merona here $24.99

I got a dress like this a few years back from JCrew wore it non-stop!

Alright, so those are my picks for now. I have the best luck with Target when I shop online. So, if one of my picks isn’t at the store, check online. I sometimes go to different Targets since the inventory can vary. Also, keep an eye out for Cartwheel and weekly promotions. 

Happy Spring Shopping!

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!




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I'm Vivian a... Curves and Color on a Budget Blogger, Wife, Mom, School Psychologist, and Doctoral Student. Wearing and posting what I like.

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